Sacred Womanhood

Explore the beautiful writings of my wife Kirsty who shares with great depth and vulnerability her experience is of being a woman. We are in a time where a glimmer of bright light can be seen in the distance, illuminating the condition of change needed to bring men and women together in reverence of both, and in reverence of what is possible together. 


"To be fully awake, alive and present to yourself and to others is the greatest gift the universe offers us all. It is from that place that we can realise the full impact of our lives. It is from this place that we can breathe fully and create a life that feels good to us and to the world we come into contact with. 


It is from here that you can make a difference to your experience of being a woman in the world - as a  leader, as a lover, as a parent and to all of humanity. Through one-to-one guidance, through attending a group experience or a workshop teaching, come and join the growing tribe of people who are stepping into seeing womanhood as a sacred experience, and into realizing so much more of their true essence.

You are beautiful. You are powerful. You are far more alive than your mind can know.

Do you know yet how extraordinary you are?

Do you know how you can move in the world as all that you are? Do you know how to create from that place? 

We are all in the learning stages of this dance.  Over the years I have worked with hundreds of women to help them experience the true nature of who they are. Perhaps now it’s your time? I specialise in helping women let go of stresses and beliefs that get in the way and clarify their voice, movement and purpose in the world – as truly awakened, enlivened beings.


Relaxed body

Relaxed mind

Open heart

You are here for a reason. In whatever context calls to you, come and experience the teachings that will allow you to step into your purpose.  


Know yourself. Know others. 

Move fearlessly and with love. 

Discover the exquisite nature of who you are and who they are. 


Together we can create the change that changes everything.

(It might even be so much closer than you think.)"